Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tempted by Tulsi (TeaTulia Style)

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I apologize for taking so long between posts, but the semester is winding down, and school is busier than ever. However, I do have a review for you today, and it's one which I think you'll find rather interesting - it is new to me, and thus presented itself as an ideal candidate for review on the blog.

Recently, I was contacted by Teatulia Teas (formerly known as Tetulia), who informed me that they had not yet shared with me one of their favorite blends - Teatulia Tulsi Infusion. They asked if I would like some samples, and I said yes, eager to try something new.

Now - Tulsi is not just a name for an infusion. It is called the Tulsi Infusion because it contains an herb called Tulsi, otherwise known as Holy Basil. I had not heard of Tulsi before being invited to sample this infusion, so I was most eager to give it a try. Tulsi fanatics boast a plethora of health benefits from this herb. I'm not sure how many of these benefits truly pan out, but I'm sure it's a very healthy thing to take into your body. You can read more about the health benefits and properties of Tusli at the following website:

Now, to review the Infusion. The tulsi addeed some very interesting characteristics to this tea, which was excellent. It incorporated a certain earthiness, as well as a very subtle spiciness to the brew, and I almost detected some minor notes of nuttiness as well. The tea portion of the blend was also excellent - whole leaves, mostly unbroken - exactly as it should be.

This brew is excellent for this of you that yould like to try something new and different, and it a welcome addition to any tea lover's stash. I thoroughly enjoyed this blend, and hope you will consider trying it as well - I'm sure you would love it.

As for the packaging, it was excellent. Colorful and informative, with brewing instructions, and a pyramidal teabag - the highest form of tea bag (however when I brewed it, I opened up the teabags and poured them into my Timolino mug.)

Overall, an excellent tea, from an excellent tea company.

Additionally, readers of this blog can get a 10% discount for the next 30 days on all TeaTulia products. Just enter code "INSANITEA" (without the quotation marks) at checkout to receive an instant discount! I hope you'll try this out!

Thanks for reading this week's review! Let me know what you thought of it!

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