Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Love Your Mug!

Hey all,

I just received an email about a neat promotional program that I thought you would all like to know about.

The promotion is called Love Your Mug. The idea is that you get to create your own personal tea mug, with your tea and sugar preferences printed right on it to use at the office, or whatever. Or, purchase a set for your tea club, so that you know what to make for everyone when it's your turn to make the tea!

Love Your Mug has been invented by Cravendale for thse people who love to sip the perfect cup of coffee or tea in the office and at home. Everyone can now personalize their very own mug with their own name, which drink they want, the strength of the drink and if they want sugar or not. Every mug is decorated with a lovely and happy cow grazing under the blue skies.

These mugs look great. I'd encourage you all to visit the website and check it out.

The website is found at:

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