Saturday, October 21, 2006

I Heart Green Tea - And it Hearts Me!

Yeah. I know what you're thinking. I'm thinking it too... The title sucks. But the title is easily the least important part of any article I write (at least that it what I say to make myself feel better. lol.)

Before I get started on the bulk of the post, I would like to make a couple of announcements. The first, and most exciting of these announcements, is that this blog now displays perfectly in Internet Explorer, whereas before it would only work in FireFox. That 's a fine bit of news, I'd dare say. The second announcement is that I have entered an interesting tea recipe contest. More on that after I recieve the results (depending on how well the recipe does, I may just have to post that here as well!) Now, on to the real article. The one you've been waiting for. The one you've been dying (not really) to read.

Today's posting will be about some interesting benefits of green tea.

According to a recent Japanese study, folks who drink at least a pint of green tea a day have a much lower risk of death. This is good news! This is due to the decrease in the risk of heart disease that can be obtained from drinking green tea. This effect is more potent in women than men, but men can experience the positive benefits of tea also!

The reason that women seem to get more benefit from green tea then men has puzzled many people over the years, although it appears to be related to estrogen (as well as smoking, which mend tend to do more of than women.)

With the benefits of green tea, a couple of caveats were mentioned. One of these being that people one blood thinners should not take it, as green tea contains Vitamin K (the body's cheif blood clotting agent), and it should not be drunk at too high of temperatures.

For more information on the relationship between green tea and heart health, visit:

Thanks for reading!